The Feminized Workplace

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My workplace is getting increasingly feminine. Not feminist, feminine. Casual dress is now allowed, teleworking is commonplace, and cooperation is valued more than any other trait.

Not too long ago, my workplace was all-male (auditing). Now it is approaching 70% female. Women are increasingly grabbing the top spots in the organization. The future is female, they comfortably say around here.

“Work-life balance” is the buzzphrase of this new era. Baby/wedding showers are a regular occurrence. I go occasionally because they have decent snacks, but I’m a little bit embarrassed, as any man should be.

Diversity training has become required for every employee. Disagreeing with the content may get you fired. There are a lot of LGBT month events around the vital issue of transgenderism. This is the “civil rights struggle of our time.”

Our counseling office- yes, we have a counseling office- increasingly offers classes and courses to protect each and every one of us from difficult emotions. Because, of course, painful emotions are the worst thing a person can encounter.

Not the future many people want.

7 Bad Ideas #2- Feminism

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What’s wrong with feminism? Here goes…

The entire basis of modern American feminism is bogus. Its priorities are wrong. It’s dishonest. It breeds unnecessary competition in relationships. It’s a social catastrophe.

The idea that women or girls in America have some relegated status behind boys is nonsense. Perhaps in some families and some cultures, but by and large, no.

Look at all of the data. Women outnumber men receiving college degrees, master’s degrees, and Ph.D.’s. Men far outnumber women in all of the “bad” categories except sexual assault- homelessness, being a victim of violence, incarceration, dying young, etc. The feminists say, “Well, men are victimizing each other.” So friggin’ what? If you’re murdered or robbed or beaten up, does it really matter whether it was perpetrated by a man or a woman?

The more pernicious elements of feminism also promote countless other false, terrible ideas like 1) careers are more important than children, 2) feelings and beliefs should be valued over facts, and 3) we live in a rape culture brimming with toxic masculinity. 

If this were true, why are rapists the most hated offenders in our men’s prisons? Why would we endlessly hear that we need more women in STEM? Maybe we need more MEN in nursing? I’m basically okay with this one, but do we really need the relentless, unceasing emphasis on this? Can we just generally encourage boys and girls BOTH to get into STEM?

Worst of all, feminism is responsible for the gendering of suffering. By this I mean that feminism highlights and emphasizes upper middle-class white women’s victimhood over that of everyone else. No thanks.