Atheism is a kind of culture-wide depression

I was discussing this concept with a friend recently. She is a Catholic who holds a vast number of views that do not conform with Catholic teaching. I asked her, respectfully, why is it that she thinks she knows better than a church that is 2,000 years old? Then we started talking about something else.

Anyway, my theory is that atheism is a kind of cultural-level depression. It’s a statement of cynicism, a kind of “screw that b.s. I’m doing things my way” attitude. It may not seem like it, but it is an act of putting oneself first. Claiming you and your worldview are THE WORLDVIEW that everyone should have.

Do you not see the danger in this?

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12 thoughts on “Atheism is a kind of culture-wide depression”

  1. “Atheism is a kind of cultural-level depression. It’s a statement of “screw that b.s. I’m doing things my way.” It is an act of putting oneself first. Claiming you and your worldview are THE WORLDVIEW that everyone should have.”
    And one more apparent Christian trying to claim that atheists are just “rebels”. It’s pretty funny to see you insist that atheists are supposedly so selfish for claiming that one worldview is “the worldview” when Christians do exactly that, sure that their version of their religion is the one and only, but having no evidence for it. At least us atheists have evidence that entirely different things happened rather than the claims of religions. What do you have that your worldvision is the only right one?

    as for morals, well, I’m happy to have subjective morals that get better, not the delusions of people who think that genocide, murdering a child for the actions of its parents, and killing people for being a different religion is a moral thing to do.

    Oh and depression isn’t putting yourself first. That’s being selfish and greedy. Depression is feeling that there is no hope, etc. Many Christians would like to claim that atheists are depressed, nihilists etc, in their need to feel superior and to scare people to stay with the religion. Most of us are pretty darn happy and have our lives and our loves to thank for that. No god needed. And please, don’t lie about atheism to try to scare people, your god says it doesn’t like liars, even if they think the lie is “for” this god (Romans 3).

    It’s a shame you are a such a frightened man. I’m glad I’m around men who don’t need to try to destroy others to feel important.

  2. Your post is simply laughable. Athiests are in no way on a mission to convert the world as religion(s) are, and as you assert. Pick up a history book (please!) and you will quickly learn that it is precisely religion that has slaughtered countless people of all creeds – even other Christians!! – during the prostelyzing process. There can’t even be a scintilla of a difference between what one Christian believes against another in order for it to be heretical and the verdict is always the same: death to the heretic! Please, save your breath, you’re only making a fool of yourself. Remember we’ve already been through a period when Christianity reigned, at least in the western world. We call it “The Dark Ages.”

    1. This is fake news. Every right you enjoy stems from the Christian notion that we are equal in the eyes of God. Look it up. Or just watch other idiotic nonsense (like “wokeness”) replace it.

      1. that’s false, Dogma. The rights we enjoy are not from Christianity. They are from laws invented by pagans like the Greeks, Romans, Celts, etc and have happily been expanded upon since to give more and more people the same rights despite the efforts of people, often Christians, who try to limit those rights.

        There is nothing in the bible about equality since this god of yours murders those who simply don’t agree with it. The bible does say that Christians are equal, but that no one else is. I’ve read the bible a couple of times, so I have indeed “looked it up”.

        The bible says that slaves are not equal to others, only property. We have this described in detail in the same books that many Christian run to for their “commandments”. We have that women are not equal to men, considered property in the OT, and second class citizens in the NT. We have your supposed savior calling people that don’t agree with it “dogs”.

        Christianity is where we got the “divine right of kings” thanks to Romans 13. We get the nonsense that we should obey people who claim to act as intermediaries with this god from the OT and NT, when priests are sure wanting the best of everything.

      2. The magna carta was an agreement between nobles and the church and the king. In it, “freemen” were only those landholders, not serfs or slaves, again, people who were not equal.

        Care to try again?

      3. It was an agreement that codified the notion of individual rights for the first time an idea that evolved into our Constitution and Bill of Rights. You think elites would have simply given up power because it was “the right thing to do”? You’re a spoiled modern human. You’d have never existed if it weren’t for Christianity.

      4. You do seem to need to lie for your religion, DV. Elites didn’t give up power, they spread it around themselves and the church. Again, the magna carta only applied to landowners, it was not a list of rights for all humans.

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